Nelson Stud Welding

Specialist installers of composite floors, and suppliers of Nelson Studs and Nelson welding equipment.

Tray-dec New Zealand’s sister company Nelson Stud Welding installs all our composite flooring systems. They have the experience, equipment and expertise to provide a quality job every time using products from the world leaders in stud welding – NELSON STUD WELDING.

Stud welding, also known as stud arc welding, joins a stud and another piece of metal together – in a composite flooring system the process is used to weld a shear stud to a structural steel beam with no distortion of structural members.

Its advantages include:

  • one-sided fastening,
  • strength (the weld is stronger than the stud)
  • no holes (therefore no places where water can collect and rust the metal)
  • design flexibility
  • ease of assembly and lowest in-place cost

Thousands of buildings and bridges are made stronger and safer with Tray-dec NZ Ltd and Nelson Stud Welding Ltd through the use of Tray-dec flooring systems and Nelson shear studs.

Auckland and Christchurch
09 820 9133

04 233 9421


If you’d rather do the installations yourself, then please take a look at our Builder’s Guide for Tray-dec 300, available on our resources page.

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